Our design philosophy includes a fundamental incorporation of your ideas and desires.

Our goal is to achieve an integrity of design, space and function that is so complete that details cannot be compromised or forgotten.

We see no benefit in attempting art purely for art’s sake. While aesthetics are part of the reason we enjoy our work, we use our skill and expertise to develop the effect you request … and bring it to life.

We are efficient and thorough.

We continually challenge ourselves as professionals to create imaginative, yet simple solutions for all of our architectural design projects.


If you look at our timeline, you will see that sustainability is deeply rooted in our essence.

Starting with the Energy-Efficient Home Project of Oregon in 1983 and continuing with the Super Good Cents program in the mid to late 1980s, numerous awards and recognitions throughout the next two decades and now with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), we are committed to environmental responsibility.

This dedication is seen in our designs, in our office, and in our lifestyles. We are a BRING! RE:think Certified Business and several of our staff regularly commute by bike.

From eco-friendly material selections in our projects to becoming as paperless as an architect’s office can be, we are committed to softening our footprint on our planet and being good stewards of the earth we have been entrusted with.

As first-world residents, we are blessed with more than about 90% of the people on this planet.  We have better health, more than enough food, clothing and shelter – and we also have the ability to share.

We at Arbor South are dedicated to giving back to our community, our neighbors and our world.  Service projects are an integral part of our lives.

We have spear-headed an extreme home makeover for a local family in need, built houses during Spring Break in Mexico (2015 marked our 25th year), volunteered at our local food bank and participated in construction projects in Cambodia, Djibouti, Honduras, Romania and Uganda. We also have helped with temporary and permanent housing for the homeless and near-homeless people in Eugene.

We serve on the boards of local organizations that work with abused and at-risk children and are business sponsors for Looking Glass Community Services and Square One Villages.